What's a Notebook in different languages

We're so used to calling notebook a notebook, but our curiosity led us to exploring what it's called in different languages. Here's a few...


[ noht-book ]

  • American English: notebook
  • Arabic: مُذَكَرَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caderno
  • Chinese: 笔记本
  • Croatian: bilježnica
  • Czech: zápisník
  • Danish: notesbog
  • Dutch: notitieblok
  • European Spanish: cuaderno
  • Finnish: muistikirja
  • French: carnet
  • German: Notizbuch
  • Greek: σημειωματάριο
  • Hindi: स्मरण पुस्तक
  • Italian: taccuino
  • Japanese: ノート
  • Korean: 공책
  • Norwegian: notisbok
  • Polish: notatnik
  • European Portuguese: caderno
  • Romanian: caiet
  • Russian: записная книжка
  • Latin American Spanish: cuaderno
  • Swedish: anteckningsbok
  • Thai: สมุดบันทึก
  • Turkish: not defteri
  • Ukrainian: записник
  • Vietnamese: sổ ghi chép

Comment below with what you call a notebook in your language if you'd like to see it featured in the list!

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