The KxO1 Rugs


    Kaati has a legacy dating back to 1950, curates and creates bespoke rugs manufacturing, out of ‘Carpet City’, Bhadohi in U.P..

    Origin One are designers and makers of contemporary products and elevated basics for the design loving global nomad.

    Nikita & Pushkar, Founders respectively of their own babies, drank and drained each other’s brainjuice by going OG - from handmade sketches of rugs to be, to pouring over pom boxes and kaati dyes (Kaati translates to the thread used to make rugs), to CAD files, edits, redos, and a road trip to Bhadohi/Mirzapur to the weavers homes. The concept - high grade unique rugs built from the ground-up by getting into the minutest detail of the many beautiful hands that it takes to build each piece, knot after knot after knot. Wisdom passed down from generations with each artisan bringing their own expertise to the process.

    Wish us luck, Kaati x Origin One is here! 🖤