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Origin One carbon offset

We’re creating a growing bank of trees!

Month on month we’re adding to our bank, and when you place an order over INR 1,500 with us, we’ll dedicate one tree from it to you. A forever gift that offsets your carbon footprint, at no extra cost to you!

Origin One is committed to being as nature friendly as possible.

We’re committed to removing 12,000kg of CO2 annually while providing employment to the local communities. And, it doesn’t stop there, we’re adding an additional 12,000kg every year! 



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Certified & traceable!

You will receive a certificate from us with a certificate number which you can use to locate your tree! We’re planting them regardless and teamed with our use of FSC certified sustainable papers, we’re a step closer to a greener planet! Check out the sample certificate below..

Origin One Carbon Zero Certificate

Dedicated to you, and to the planet!

Our products are sustainable, conscious and minimal. Our design practices ensure minimal to no wastage of paper or resources, our bills and labels for example are printed on paper made from wheat straw, no wood pulp at all!


Through which is affiliated with the United Nation's Environment Program's Billion Tree Campaign and WWF's Cities for Forests Campaign have acknowledged us as an Official Partner. The Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin has recognised and acknowledged the work done by

Their organisation has Planting Partners at or close to project sites that conduct tree planting using local labour. Planting Partners develop nurseries, select appropriate sites in consultation with local communities, plant trees, and nurture them during the crucial stage of their infancy.'s Planting Partners work with local authorities and local communities to plant trees in public lands, wildlife habitats, communal holy places, school and government-owned deforested or denuded areas.

Their projects aim to generate environmental and/or social impact. We plant trees to restore forests, improve wildlife habitats, rejuvenate rivers, support rural livelihoods, etc. On average, a tree offsets 20 kgs of carbon and produces 118 kgs of oxygen annually, reversing the effects of adverse climatic conditions and natural phenomena. The projects also provide employment to local communities, ensuring their socio-economic sustainability.


Currently we are supporting the Trees for Tigers campaign in the villages of Rajapur, Pakhirala, Kachukhali, Ranipur in Gosaba block and Jogeshgunj, Hemnagar and Bankra in Hingalgaunge block at the periphery of Sundarbans National Park, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.


The tree species planted here include Jat baen (Avicennia officinalis), Peyara baen (Avicennia marina), Kalo baen (Avicennia alba), Kankra (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza), Garjan (Rhizophora apiculata), Pasur (Xylocarpus mekongensis), and Math garan (Ceriops tagal).

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the forest supports a plethora of wildlife. The Royal Bengal Tiger, that is endemic to this region, has adapted to an almost amphibious lifestyle--swimming for long distances to mark their territory and hunt their prey. This region has 400 tigers, the highest concentration on the planet. 



The best part, each time you place an order worth INR 1,500 or more, we will gift you a tree from our tree bank. We couldn't think of a better way to honor you! Plus, in the meanwhile, we keep planting the trees either way.

You will receive an email with a tree certificate, and you can track and trace your tree with the certificate number! 

A living and breathing gift that lives for several decades and significantly benefits the planet. That, along with our FSC certified sustainable papers, we hope that you'll definitely feel less guilty indulging in more stationery.

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