Abstract, Sustainable & Artisanal Rugs: Origin One x Kaati’s Latest Collaboration on Homegrown

Nikita Khanna & Pushkar Thakur with their artisanal rugs

By Samiksha Chaudhary

Right from its inception, Origin One is known for its focus on innovative stationery one that caters to the creatives and the design loving global nomads with its contemporary designs. Over the years, it has been able to establish for itself a space that screams sustainable, artisanal and conscious, whether it be through their own minimalist designs or with their brand collaborations. Evolving the idea of identity creation and contemporary designs, their latest collaboration with Kaati, a carpet-making brand is a collection of vibrant, abstract, and interesting handmade rugs. To understand the aesthetics and creative process behind the Kaati x Origin One collaboration, Pushkar Thakur, founder and brain behind Origin One tells us more.


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